Plaster Moulding Catalog

Pattern Library

In a commercial or high end residential interior design, architects, designers and contractors insist on Balmer gypsum/plaster architectural mouldings.

The complete Plaster Moulding Catalog is available here. Scroll down to download one section at a time.

Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc. has an extensive selection of patterns available that are not pictured in our Plaster Moulding Catalog. We are also able to create models from your drawings or concepts. Please see the Custom Plaster section.

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Section 1: Gypsum/Plaster Cornices & Friezes

Section 2: Gypsum/Plaster Ceiling Centers, Swags & Rosettes

Section 3: Gypsum/Plaster Ceiling Domes

Section 4: Gypsum/Plaster Ceiling Ornament & Tiles

Section 5: Columns, Pilasters & Pediments

Section 6: Gypsum/Plaster Wall Niches

Section 7: Gypsum/Plaster Panel Mouldings

Section 8: Gypsum/Plaster Brackets & Sconces

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