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CAD Files and Specifications

Here, you can quickly and easily look up the CAD Files and / or Specifications for any made to order Balmer Plaster product listed in the printed or PDF catalogs you already have.

Computer Aided Design files compatible with AutoCAD 2000 or later are available for most (but not yet all) Balmer Plaster products. We add new Balmer Plaster CAD files as they become available. In place of CAD files, Adobe PDF Fact Sheets are provided for made to order Balmer Mantels.

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Balmer 3 Part Specifications

3 Part Specifications compatible with MS Word or other word processors are available here.

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Balmer Thin Cast Stone (MS Word)
Balmer Thin Cast Stone (PDF)
Balmer Plaster (MS Word)
Balmer Plaster (PDF)



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